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The Validator.js file is to be included in your HTML, ASP, JSP, or PHP pages. It's a client-side validation file and listed below are the methods that a programmer can call to validate certain data. Note that I will be adding a e-mail validation method in the coming days. There are other methods in the file that can validate certain pieces of data ex: day, month, year. Also there are error handling methods that I will be taking out soon in another version and letting the webpage developer handle the error in their own liking.

To include this file just copy and paste this code.

    <Script language="JavaScript" src="../Validator.js"></Script>

Just make sure the file is in the same directory as your webpage.

Methods Purpose

ValidateSSN(ssn) Validates a social security number in either

ValidatePhoneNumber(num) Validates an American style phone number in
or XXXXXXXXXX formats.

ValidateTime(time, format) Validates the time in HH:MM format. Supports
both Standard (1) or Military (2) time formats.

ValidateAdvancedTime(time, format) Just like ValidateTime but it checks for seconds
by using this format HH:MM:SS.

ValidateDate(date, format) Validates the date in two formats. US format
(1), can be MMDDYY, MM/DD/YY,
international format (2) has YYYY-MM-DD
after the date HH:MM:SS.

ValidateEmailAddr(EmailAddress) Validates an email address. Supports .com, .net,
.edu, .gov, and .org

CalculateAge(birthdate) Calculates an age return a number of years, months, or days depending on how old the person is. If older than one year the age format will be in years, if older than 1 month but less than one year the format will be in months. If born or less than one month the format will be in days. Currently handles MM/DD/YYYY or MMDDYYYY formats. Use the ValidateDate method to make sure the user input is valid before using the CalculateAge method to ensure a valid birthdate and age.

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